August 29, 2020

Board Game Blender 21 – Back in Print!

Join Zee Garcia and company on episode 21 of Board Game Blender!

Show Notes:

0:00 Intro
1:44 Bored Online? Board Offline!
7:47 Board of Education
10:57 Guess The Blurry Cover
11:15 Corner Chat (featuring…Randy?)
17:14 The Quirky Game
20:07 The Suzanne Plan
23:56 Boards & Crafts (w/ Jessi)
25:10 R vs. H – 2 Player Showdown
28:56 Würfel Reviews
33:14 Retro Board Game Corner
37:34 Under The Radar
40:29 Designer Spotlight (w/ Jason)
43:30 Buy, Try, or Deny (w/ Indiana John)
49:07 Real Talk (w/ Sam)
52:47 Outro

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  • Currently my copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill is near perfect. The only issue is with the little clips, but that is a minor gripe. Go get it still! It is a great game, but get a newer copy if possible. Coolstuff is a good supplier for it

  • Sam, your seggements are usually really great, but that was the single most uncomfortable segment i've ever watched, haha. Maybe next time avoid the stragnly emotional rant on boardgame re-prints. Keep it real, just a litle less awakard.

  • Great show – everyone involved is doing a fantastic job and the show, as a whole, is getting stronger and stronger with every episode

    Würfel – loved your segment, the showdown at the end really made me laugh. And it's nice to see Arctic Scavengers being mentioned, it's a great game.

    Sam – I thought you must be overreacting a bit when you were talking about Colosseum, but when I saw the new box art actually said "urgh" out loud – it's horrendous, and really does put me off investigating the reprint (I've not played the original). The only other game that I was really interested in but was utterly put off by the artwork was Cthulhu Realms. I've been a huge Lovecraft fan for years, long before it was "cool" and I quite like Star Realms, so a Cthulhu version should have been an instant buy for me. But the artwork is utterly dreadful, and makes it look like a kiddies version of SR, rather than a slightly more involved version. I don't know for sure, but I don't seem to be the only one who thinks this because CR didn't seem to go out-of-stock like SR did. Interestingly, that's also by TMG – what do they have against decent artwork?

  • hey Sam,I played colosseum on Monday night.
    took me a while to find a copy but it was well worth it.
    played a 5 player game with 4 guys who hadn't even heard of colosseum.
    everyone loved it.
    the general feedback was how had we never heard of this game before.
    re fury of dracula, the 3rd edition is a lot more streamlined than 2nd ed.
    that said, I feel you have to have 5 players to make it fun.
    I wished they could have worked a mechanism into it like specter ops where it compensates for 4 players.
    Cheers Sam,hopefully catch you at uk expo next June.

  • Holy Crap!
    Asdruval just brought on a tidal wave of memories as I saw the components for Mutant Chronicles!! I had completely forgotten about that game and that I used to play it all the time as a kid!
    Glad to hear it's getting a reprint. Would love to try it again.
    Now if we can only get a reprint of my favorite childhood game ever, HeroQuest….

  • So happy to see Arctic Scavengers mentioned here, an awesome game that doesn't get the attention it deserves.

  • In regards to the clips not staying on the Betrayal at House on the Hill character cards, I found wrapping a piece of sticky tape over each edge fixed the problem (The edges the clips need to slide along)..  I like the clothes peg idea, but for those that want to fix the issue without having to go to the shop (assuming everyone has sticky tape somewhere at home), it does a great job.

  • Mutant Chronicles I have that on my shelf's. Good old days. very nice condition for a game that´s over 20 years old i must say.

  • Suzanne, i loved the tips of games for kids. I have a 4 year old daughter that would love to play alchemists with me but I think it's not quite yet the right moment. i would love new sugestions of games for parents and kids. hugs from brazil!

  • Yay for Pompeii! 🙂

    Rebecca and Hunter, you are great 🙂 Tom can replace his Miami dice intro with the new graphics 😀

  • Interesting. I just read about reprints and reimaginings on the dicetowernews site a few days ago 🙂 This episode was very thematic. Everyone has picked a great game to talk about.

  • Pharao's Gulo Gulo is a great game suzan thanks for the reviewing it i think ther ar to littel revieuws of this one i love playing pharao gulo gulo (or pharoa o o like it is named in the netherland's) against my 4 year old daughter

  • 24:00 Yeah, those Betrayal clips are terrible —I've been using post-its but also looking around for other options.  Thanks for the tip!

  • Reprints:

    RoboRally: My favorite game, I own the 2nd edition. The new edition has 2 things that bothers me. 1: Lack of great expansion content. 2: Start position side boards.

    Talisman: I have been a big fan since the 80's I have owned 2nd edition for many years. Great game. 4th edition came along and took the 2nd edition play style and ran with it. Master piece. More expansions, better art, better game play. Happy camper.

    Mission: Red Planet: like many fans of the Dice Tower, I knew of the original but hadn't played it. I am blessed to be able to beta test games and got my hands on beta testing the 2nd edition. It's an awesome game, glad it got reprinted!

    Carson City: I got my hands on a copy over a year ago, but took awhile to get it to the table. I have only played the game about 4 times and enjoy it, but it needs some more plays to get a firm position in my top 100 list. I am one who loves expansions, and haven't gotten my hands on the expansion yet because of the OOP cost, and was lucky to get the base game at a good price. I am waiting for more plays as stated, as well as some reviews of the reprint to see if I wish to pursue that angle instead.

    Ca$h n Guns: another game I heard of through Dice Tower but never got a chance to play it. Doesn't seem to be very present in my circle. I went and bought the 2nd edition fairly quickly and am happy with it. It's not my favorite and I don't care for the player powers as they seem unbalanced, more plays may change my mind. I did like the game enough to recently get the expansion. Glad I own this game and expansion.

    Wiz-War: Back in the 90's, when I was looking for a new game to play besides Talisman. A co-worker introduced RoboRally, and then introduced Wiz-War. RoboRally was a hit and I went and got a copy right away, but I didn't think Wiz-War was snazzy or interesting enough to pursue, although it left a favorable impression. Now FFG has a fancy new edition and I like it fairly well. It's on my "to buy" list and have played it about 3 times.

    Runebound: I found 2nd edition Runebound after it went OOP, but was blessed to find the game and several expansions at near normal prices. I am a big fantasy board game fan and quite enjoy the game although I think game play should be 2-3 players. Runebound has a shiny new 3rd edition, I haven't played it yet, and am undecided. More reviews and maybe a test play somehow may change my initial thoughts, but so far I am in no hurry.

    No Thanks: This game got a nice graphic reprint, and at that same time I got a copy of the previous edition at a great price. This was on my list of games to play based on the DiceTower, and finally got to play it at a convention this last summer, so when I saw the previous edition on sale, I bought it and it has been well received.

    There have been some other reprints I have enjoyed as well but not much to comment on: Cosmic Encounter, Bang! the card game, Werewolf.

    Needs a reprint:

    Pillars of the Earth: Another game I found at a great price after OOP. I quite enjoyed the game but when I found & played Belfort I thought Belfort scratched the worker placement itch better. And my meetup has 2 other copies so I sold my Pillars for double what I paid for it. Many people want this hard to find game, and if it got reprinted and were at a reasonable price, I would buy it again.

  • great blender as usual.Looking forward to picking up misson red planet at some point.Zee, please do a review of blue moon legends. is it simpler than mtg? which I found difficult to get into.

  • There was no Kickstarter for Luna. Along with Gold West a couple of their other recent games, it went straight to market without crowdfunding.

  • Escape from Colditz gets a reprint/Re-release next year. Played this as a kid back in the 70's so hoping it will be a quality reprint and maybe straighten out the original parker editions rules.

  • Lol at Out of Print Games Everyone Should Own by Zee Garcia! I much prefer the 2nd edition, though, because it's impossible to get hold of 🙂

  • Sam, you didn't actually say what about TMG's Colosseum you're worried about—all you did was show the cover. Is there some rule change they've announced that has you concerned?

    Based just on the artwork, it looks much better. I'm not a fan of caricature-style art, but at least it's colorful instead of drab.

  • I feel like I should replace all the pieces in my copy of Pompeii with meeples. Just tossing meeples into the volcano. Sounds good to me.

  • Pharao's Gulo Gulo (which is named Phara-oh-oh in German) really looks great, thanks Suzanne!
    I might get this in a few years time when my daughter is old enough. Here's to hoping it will still be in print! 😉

  • I have a copy of thunderstone advanced, I don't like the game, anyone have a good idea where I should sell it?

  • Alright Retro BoardGame Corner, Mutant Chronicles Siege of the Citadel is a cool game! Thanks for showcasing it and I can't wait for the reprint. I still have my original copy of it. Hopefully in the Reprint we get painted miniatures! Maybe Rob and Sam can do a battling brushes on this game that would be awesome!

  • I don't even own 50 games in my collection, and the "guess the blurry cover" game makes me feel like I am WAY too into games. I am snap-guessing games correctly that I don't own or even plan on owning.

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