August 29, 2020

Blood Rage – Unboxing

While at CMoN Expo 2015, the Blood Rage production samples arrived and we got to dive in and see the finished product. I’m joined by the games designers, Eric Lang as we unbox the contents!

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  • Meh. Maybe it's a great game but I got over the "box load 'O mini$" pawning themselves off as "games" long ago. Played too many like this that were visual treats but mechanically lame. Like I said, I'm not knocking this game particularly…just the notion these days that a lot of games must come with a ton of minis that are striking but mechanically ineffectual.

  • Hi Rodney, we watch many of your videos, and really appreciate your clear and concise explanations, and very good teaching skills. Will you be doing a How to Play for Blood Rage? My boy and I would love to see it!

  • Thanks for the great sneak peek Rodney! Excellent job as always. Can we expect a full rules video when the release date gets closer?

  • If only I'd have known about this when it was on Kickstarter to back it – you think those minis are cool, the ones for the Kickstarter pledge tiers were just as super impressive (Thor and Loki, anyone?!)

  • That game looks AWESOME!!! I love the snap on color bases but this game is screaming to have the miniatures painted. The artwork is fantastic.  😀

  • I was a backer of the Kickstarter.  The game LOOKS amazing.  But as I watched the gameplay vids on the Kickstarter, it looked really boring to me, so I pulled my pledge.  Hopefully everyone who did back the game in the end really enjoys it, though.

  • Eric Lang is one of my favorite designers! So cool to see him react to his game design in it's final production quality. Thanks for sharing Rodney!

  • Looks like CMON insists on orienting everything in the box the same for all of its games (e.g. Zombicide, Blood Rage, Arcadia Quest).  Oh well, I'm still uber stoked for my kickstarter to come!

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