July 28, 2021

Android Development Tutorial – Easy request Runtime Permission with Permission Manager

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This Library automatically search for permission in androidmanifests file and request for the same. Also, if request is cancelled it shows a popup window with alert to grant permission. If the app can no longer request permission due to “Don’t ask again” on permission it will toast a message to grant permission from settings. All the action performed after grant or deny can be customized by overriding method shown below. Custom permission can be checked instead of all permission in androidmanifests file.

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  • thanks you dick the outro make it harder….. 3am in the night it was quiet and shatted my pants when the beat dropped (yeah i had a headset on so i flew trought the ceiling)

  • please, in AOSP Android 6 , where is store permission for new App installion, because i want take copy of it in my own file

  • i cant get this method?what can i do?
    public void onRequestPermissionsResult(int requestCode,String permissions[], int[] grantResults) {
    permission.checkResult(requestCode,permissions, grantResults);

  • its not best to download that github crap. The point is to show you how to do this, instead they slid a copy and paste github package. Tell me how is it you have learned when you will relay on their packages to do this?

    Really your skills are being hurt rather than helped.

  • I have a question, this permission is only for android 6.0 or more, but in the other android versions, this permissions are granted when you install the app? so I dont need to ask permissions or anything else? do you have a tutorial to start the use of gps? thank you

  • Thanks for showing me this library. It tidies up the code needed to do this manually.

    You could've used DataBinding for the Activity and ConstraintLayout would've really simplified the Layout that you spent three minutes making.

  • hey thanks for that, i really like your tutorials, will you please make a series on fragments with navigation and use buttons instead using tablayout and also some styles at buttons when clicked activated and inactivated , and also please private videos really sucks 😀

  • how to add user storage selection permission to access SD card on lolipop and above phones , android studio

  • Can u please give us a lesson about (drawing over other apps) and Alert Manager
    to be Specifically, a lesson about how to control a notifications using Alert Manager and drawing over other apps.
    Actually I searched a lot for it!
    and thank u so much for ur work^_^

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