January 16, 2021

All India Ma Ek Tu Mane Game || Jyoti Vanjara || Gujarati Love Song ||

Presenting : All India Ma Ek Tu Game || Jyoti Vanjara || Gujarati Love Song || ઓલ ઇન્ડીયા માં એક તું ગમે
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All India Ma Ek Tu Game
Youtube Music

Album : All India Ma Ek Tu Game
Singer : Jyoti Vanjara
Artist : Shreya Dave,Karan Rajveer
Lyrics : Baldevsinh Chauhan
Music : Ravi – rahul
Dop : Rajendra Patel
Re . Studio : Navrang Studio ( Gemar rabari )
Video Director : Mayur Mehta
Producer : Meshwa Films
Genre : Gujarati Love song
Label : Meshwa Electronics

Mane All Re India Ma Ek Tu Mane Game
Vodafone Dial : 53710420492
Idea Dial : 5678910420492
Airtel Dial : 5432116517839
Docomo Dial : 54321110420492
Telenor Dial : 10420492

Thai Dhabkaro Tu Dil No Mara Rud
Vodafone Dial : 53710420493
Idea Dial : 5678910420493
Airtel Dial : 5432116517895
Docomo Dial : 54321110420493
Telenor Dial : 10420493

Tara Vina Hu Karu Vichar Jo Koi No
Vodafone Dial : 53710420494
Idea Dial : 5678910420494
Airtel Dial : 5432116517841
Docomo Dial : 54321110420494
Telenor Dial : 10420494

Hu Chhu Diwani SaybaTara Re Prem Ni
Vodafone Dial : 53710420495
Idea Dial : 5678910420495
Airtel Dial : 5432116517915
Docomo Dial : 54321110420495
Telenor Dial : 10420495

Prem Karyo To Su Duniya Thi Darvu
Vodafone Dial : 53710420496
Idea Dial : 5678910420496
Airtel Dial : 5432116517896
Docomo Dial : 54321110420496
Telenor Dial : 10420496

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