August 29, 2020

A Public Execution | King's Game

Kanazawa gathers the students together to warn they’re in danger, but they quickly turn against him, suspecting he’s behind the mysterious texts. As they close around him, one student violates a rule and receives their punishment…

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  • "Then what kind of person that Natsuko wanting to protect? That person who jump off the cliff. "
               "… A crazy man who only speaks in the thing is ideal, trying to protect and trying to help everyone. The command that 'Don't do things that are not necessary in the king's game' it means that 'Don't hinder this person'. when he feel it means that, so he jumped down into cliff without consulting and don't speak to me at all "
               That moment, one story in Nobuaki's head flashed. At the same time, the pain that he could not explain came in and attack his heart.
               People who die in command 'Don't do things that are not necessary in the king's game' this time is Yuichi and Toshifumi. If talking about what they both do in the park … What they do is 'hinder Kanazawa Nobuaki' …

    Those who hinder me will be punished … If look at from that incident then should meaning the person who attacked me.
               A virus that have mind… Does the King protect me? Is story like this will be possible? …
               The person who got infected with the D virus in the king's game last time was chiemi. And then it contact to me too, and I brought it to this classroom.
               Or … the mind of the D virus will reflect Chiemi's mind too …

    # hope for someone to understand and sorry for weak language.

  • This kinda reminds me of Danganronpa. Students trapped in a death game and will be executed for breaking rules

  • i hate to be a bitch but this anime will leave you triggered. some of the students get to be king and give put and order but none of them ever wish the game to stop completely forever. like hello? you get to give an order? fucking tell the king to hang himself

  • Yo man, I got something to say. They blame nobuaki of one calling him a monster for trying to kill all because he didn't want to do the order because he had already suffered enough to participate and another Kings game, 2 for calling him the king for all the text that's showing up on their phones when he had nothing to do with that same thing as one that they call him a murderer for the classmates that were killed (9 respectively), and 3 they obviously do not know who the king is. And Aimi, you said to Nobuaki that he know about the game but trying to get Natsuko killed and calling him the king because of the text that you've been given? And all of you who agreed with her and Yuuichi… (Excluding Riona on this) is everyone in your class is completely stupid as you??!!! It wasn't his fault that the Kings game started, it was bound to happen. If anything I can say is that it was your own fault, he tried to tell you, convinced you, and warn you that the Kings game is real and not to take it as a joke, but you guys didn't want to hear none of it. And there's no way that he is a murderer, I mean, think about it… if you hadn't told you then he would have kept it a secret waiting for everyone to die but that's not him and if he was there to kill you guys you wouldn't be talking right now. Now mind you he went to Tsubasa's house to prevent him from killing himself but it was too late. What really pisses me off that these kids that are 17 and 18 can't even try to think for themselves is have on somebody who is a jerk-ass and then they just went along with it. And then Natsuko as well. In a way, you got nobody to blame but yourselves. Not him. And if you guys hadn't decided on blaming him for being the murderer and being the king and also lynching him, you guys wouldn't be in this mess. And what really pisses me off is what the three of them did tatsuya, Toshifumi, Yuuichi did something completely Unforgivable in the manga. I'm not going to spoil it, read it on one of the web sites if you are into the raw version of the Japanese version of the manga and you'll know why I hate them. And I want to talk about him being a monster why don't they going to take a look at themselves. If you could see this clip take a good look at their faces when Yuuichi put his foot in Nobuaki's mouth and in the beginning of the video when they were lynching him they are the monsters, not him. You know what, if anybody who is able to create a machine where a person will be able to go into an anime of their choosing, please send me into the world of the King's game the animation and in the manga, so I can open up a can of whoop ass on those guys.

  • Is this anime derived from the live action movie "As The Gods Will"? This just really reminds me of that movie though 🙂

  • The only thing I don’t understand is what rule did he break? He didn’t block the number or receive a order that told him to do anything so what did he do lol

  • I'm so disapointed ! This scene was my favorite in the manga but here, his death is too fast, he hasn't time to figure what'll happen to him…

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