September 1, 2020

7 Signs You Love a Game Way Too Much

Rob presents our list of 7 signs you love a game way too much. Are you guilty of any of these? Can you think of any we haven’t included? Let us know in the comments!

7 Times Games Disobeyed Physics:

7 Platinum Trophies That Take Forever:

7 Game Cities You’d Hate To Live In:

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  • #8 When you suddenly remember a game you haven't played in years and spend countless hours replaying/listening to soundtrack.
    #9 (kind of like #8) When you get tears of joy every time you hear the music.

  • The soundtrack does not just get stuck in my head, i listen to it in spotify endlessly! especially at work to focus and calm me down 😄

  • I relate to the soundtrack burn in a lot. I've been playing Assassin's Creed (pretty much any of them) so much that I hear the sound of the eagle when you jump off a view point happen at random times.

  • Downloading the assassin's creed album soundtracks just to play in the car, must admit AC2 is the best one

  • Shadow of the colossus Soundtrack sticks with me
    As well AS God,Crash Bandicoot,Mw,Uncharched
    So basically any game I like

  • Rob starts this video talking about game love while I play through Persona 5 Royal for the third time. I simply smiled at my Ps4 and said "thankyou".

  • looks at my love of P5 over the last three years which was refueled with Royal, looks at this list, looks at the Morgana plush on my desk in my work at home space, consults my various phantom thief figures and full Joker cosplay…..

    I don't see it

  • I have the Tifa theme that was apart of something from Final Fantasy VII Remake and the theme has the Tifa theme playing in the background and it has been stuck in my head for about 3 weeks

  • My brother has a Zelda breath of the wild shield tattoo and I have 2 soul reaver tattoos.

  • I have Hitman as my phone wallpaper, I remember the soundtrack from Payday 2 at least a couple of times everyday, and does getting lost in the wiki of Dark souls and Skyrim count for the last entry?

  • I did #7 for the Witcher. Played the Witcher 3 for the first time this year & halfway through I rewatched the show & started on the books…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Several years back I played War Thunder so much that one time I looked up to the sky on my walk to school and for a split second I saw the hud that appears in plane battles in the top left corner of my field of view where it would appear in the game

  • Is it just me or am I the only one who's played hundreds of games but never "fell in love" with any of them… Still looking for that gem ;(

  • After noticing your cool gaming figures on the shelf..I wanted to start collecting some characters from games I've platinumed… turns out they are very expensive!! Titus alone from ffx is 100s of dollars…so no go on that idea.

  • 7:20 I did this exercise with Persona 5 music. I settled on:
    1. What's Going On? – Lunch
    2. Tension – Someone to avoid
    3. Our Beginning – Looming deadline

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