August 28, 2020

5 DIY Game Of Thrones Inspired Cards Any Fan Would Love

Bend the knee for one of the most popular TV shows of all time: Game of Thrones! Craft some paper projects and create DIY handmade greetings cards for that G.O.T. fan!

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Inspiration for Weirwood Tree Card:


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❤️ S U P P L I E S ❤️

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Pads – Mini – Shaded Lilac

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Pads – Mini – Blueprint Sketch

• Cloud Stencil

• Me and My Dragon Stamp

• Dragon Wishes Stamp

• Slider Die

• Winterfell Die

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Pads – Mini – Tumbled Glass

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Pads – Mini – Stormy Sky

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Ink Pads – Mini – Weathered Wood

• Tree Backdrop Die

• Jon Snow and Ghost Stamp

• Red Mirror Card Gloss Cardstock

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Oxides Ink Pads – Seedless Preserves

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Oxides Ink Pads – Chipped Sapphire

• Ranger Ink – Tim Holtz – Distress Oxides Ink Pads – Black Soot

• Distress Sprayer

• Throne Stamp

• Foam Squares

• Stamping Mask Paper

• Fair Door Dies

• Heirs to the Throne Stamp

• Mirror Card – Satin – Honey Gold

• Vellum

• Ranger Embossing Powder, .60 oz, White

• Heat Gun

📹 W A T C H 📹

Craft Hacks Using Everyday Items

Craft Organization Hacks To Try

📲 F I N D M E 📲

——— D I S C L A I M E R ———
I bought everything myself. I wouldn’t use the product if I didn’t love it. Some compensated affiliate links on products I truly recommend may be used at no additional cost to you. Sending big virtual hugs for your support!

Nicholas Heidlas
Summer Days


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  • Love love love these GOT cards!!! Now that we know the ending, it would be cool to make some finale themed cards! Many condolence cards…. 😯

  • OMG, I love these! So sad GOT is over…:( You are so creative and funny. Thanks for sharing – and you're NOT boring!

  • I love these cards. You make great videos,you make it fun to watch as well as getting excellent tips. Well done.

  • Spoilers

    I am sorry Daenerys and John are amazing and a great couple and I super ship them. And yes I've seen the two last seasons.

  • Nice instructions. You show your mistakes and how to fix them! 😀 GOT is a super show and these cards are so very unique. Great job (pat on the back). Keep them coming!!!!!!!

  • I love GOT, i love this cards, i love your videos and i just love you. You are so amazing ❤️❤️❤️

  • Hello JD, I too am excited about GOT coming back. I just found your channel and I am loving your videos (been binge watching :}). I’m kinda new to this , but you are making me wanna do card making more. Thank you!

  • I've been binge watching all 7 seasons the past 2 weeks. I just got into season 6 last night! But I couldn't be more obsessed with these! How cute and creative!

  • Wait! Did you say someone said your videos are boring????? NO WAY!!!! I am 45 and I have had SO much fun learning and watching your videos!!!! Thank you so much for taking your time to create these awesome videos for all of us out here watching! I am new to crafting and it so much more fun now that I discovered your tutorials! You are hilarious, witty, and smart!!! Thank you!!

  • I love Game of Thrones too. I watched the first 3 seasons while I have been recuperating from back surgery. I got seasons 4 & 5 but haven’t watched them yet. Read all the books – he is supposed to be writing another one .

  • Super great cards. I can't believe I let myself get behind on G.O.T.!! I need to get caught up. Girl, you could never be boring! You are always entertaining. I prefer the top view camera angle. Wasn't a fan of the new bottom angle. I felt like I was seeing less of what you were doing. Only mentioning because you asked what we thought. 😘 Way to nail those measurements in the triangle shaker!!!🎉🎉🎉

  • I'm not into Game of Thorns so I have no idea what you were talking about. That said, your cards are very fun, so is your personality : ) Blessings, Tree

  • I love watching your videos. I love how real you are and that you share your “oops” moments. When I watch your videos, I’m always inspired. You emojis and editing are also hilarious.

  • Great cards! I love Game of Thrones. I can't wait to watch it this Sunday. I also love The Walking Dead.

  • Love all these designs!! I recently found your channel and have now watched every video at least twice! I had been in a serious crafting rut but you pulled me right of it!!

  • Love them. Tip tho, for the vellum if you have a xyron sticker maker you can run your strips like that thru then there isnt any streaks of adhesive.

  • My oldest daughter is so obsessed with The Game of Thrones she named my granddaughter Daenerys! She'll absolutely LOVE these cards. Thanks for the inspiration JD.

  • I love GOT!! This was great and I loved the 'You know nothing' card! I tell my fiance that all the time 😂 You are always a treat to watch.

  • LOVE IT!!! I couldn't stop watching! I dont follow Game of Thrines but the process if card making was awesome!!

  • You are so entertaining ! I love your videos. Harry Potter cards would be fun. I have one, Harry reading a book of magic in bed, (a Penny Black stamp) but would like others.

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